Saturday, January 22, 2011

The More The Merrier (OPEN)

I've promised another giveaway that would be opened to all worldwide, so here it is. I'm offering one of you dear readers of a chance to win a Barnes and Noble eGift card!

Now here are the rules and stipulations:

1. You must be a follower of my blog. If you don't already follow my blog, there is a link on the right side of my blog under Fab Followers. Just click on the link, follow the steps, and viola! you are now following my blog. In the comments section type, "I follow your blog" with your name and email address so that I may contact you if you are the winner. This alone will get you 1 entry. Again, if you are not following my blog, this entry will NOT count.

2. Once you have become a follower of my blog, below as a separate comment type: "Enter Me" along with your name, and email address so that I may contact you in case you are the winner. This is an extra entry. 

3. Tweet the following message on Twitter: "I just entered #TheMoreTheMerrier giveaway on @eyemjusme66 blog and you can too!". Once you have done this in a separate comment below, give me the link to the message along with your name and email address. You can find the link to your Twitter messages by logging into the Twitter website and clicking on the time-stamp. This is another extra way to enter, but remember no matter which way you enter you MUST be a follower of my blog or it will not count.

Once you click on the time-stamp copy and paste the link.

* The more people that enter the contest, the higher the amount the Barnes and Noble eGift Card will be. Here is how it will break down: I will start at $5 eGift Card for 1-5 participants. $10 for 5-10 participants. $15 for 10-15 participants. And if I get 20 or more participants I will give out a $50 eGift Card to the winner plus a surprise bonus gift. So the more the merrier!

Spread the word!

This giveaway is open world wide. You have 3 ways to enter so don't forget.The More The Merrier giveaway is open from 12 am est Sunday Janurary 23, 2011 until 12 am est Sunday February 6, 2011.

Thank you all, and good luck!

* I was not paid to promote in any way Barnes and Noble. This eGift Card will be purchased with my own money.* 


Print This

I picked up People Style Watch magazine last night and saw Katerina Graham in a cute little rose print dress, and thought that I would try to create 2 looks inspired by what she had on in both straight and plus size. Prints can be fun if you know how to pair them. If you're wearing a rather large block of print as seen on Katerina, and Liv below, I would opt for solid colored tights be it opaque, lace, or patterned.

Katerina Graham, and Live Tyler Photo Scan from People Style Watch Feb, 2011 Issue.
1. Floral Bodycon Dress -$14.80 Forever 21 
2. Abstract Floral Tunic w/ Belt -$24.80 Forever 21+
3. Black 50 Den Footless Tights- $8.00 Topshop
4. Suedette Stacked Heels- $24.80 Forever 21
5. Patent Toe Scrunch Flats- $15.80 Forever 21
6. Rose Lace Footless Tights- $24.00 Topshop

Monday, January 17, 2011

On To The Next

I have left Potter (at least until July). Yes, ladies and gents the rumors are true Harry James Potter and I have separated. My wondering eye just couldn't keep itself in place and has landed me into the arms of (only in my head) Mr. Chris Hemsworth. YESSSSS LORD VOLDEMORT!!!

Image Source

What's even better, Hemworth is one of the stars of Thor, coming to theaters this coming May. Check out the trailer and do take note of 1:45-1:46 *fans self*


Dear Readers

Dear readers,

This post has been a long time coming, and perhaps some of you will not agree with it, but what I'm about to type down here needs to read.

NEVER have I ever been a part of a "fan base" that has carried on so atrociously as the fan base of The Vampire Diaries. Do all of you really in your right minds think that any of the cast would approve of the way all of you have been behaving? Bashing each other over Twitter, Tumblr, and blogs. Is that really what we have resulted to? It's okay to be passionate about characters, but some of you fail miserably at seperating reality from fiction.

Since when have we started judging peoples character based on the roles that they play on film and television? I cannot count how many times I have seen hate tweets about Paul and Ian, and for what? The majority of us don't even know them in their everyday life so how are you passing judgment? Everyone is entitled to boast about their favorite celebrity, but not at the expense of disrespecting others.

This "fandom" of The Vampire Diaries needs to learn a lesson or two on how to respect the other cast mates. How are we calling ourselves fans of the show when we're all so clearly divided. I'm not on either side. Not Damon nor Stefan's. I enjoy the show for what it is, not for what it's not. TVDFamily? Ha! This is not a family I want to be part of.

This bickering has been going on far too long and it needs to stop! It almost literally brings me to tears to read everyone talking about each other. We're not here for that. At least that's not what I'm here for. All of the backhanded comments, the snide remarks made about fans and the cast. RIDICULOUS! And the worst of you are grown ass people, and some with kids!

Get over yourselves. Get over your hatred. Grow up, and suck it up. Life goes on whether or not you agree with it. I can no longer associate myself with those who have negative attitudes, so if you find yourself unfollowed, no hard feelings. You need to take a good look inside of yourselves and evaluate what it is that you are so unhappy with because hate is ugly and I would hate for it to consume your life.

So dear readers, I do hope you take what it is that I have written down to heart. I know not everyone is guilty of such heinous acts, and to all of you, I am truly sorry that it has come down to this. It's okay to crack jokes, but I'm not down for outright disrespect.

It's fictional.


Adopt Me!

Thanks to @_designprincess for RT this gif by @kate_bauer.


Click on the pic to view the GIF. #GirlCrush


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rape... Not what you think

You didn't rape me sexually... no, not at all.
See, what you did was rape my mind.
You tricked me into believing the impossible.
You forced upon me to love you unconditionally.
Like a rapist, you'll deny these "allegations".
You kept hurting me much like a rapist does when he fucks.
Like a rapist you were a stranger, no longer the person I once knew.
You became a monster and I, your prey.
Like a rapist you left your mark forever imprinted in my thoughts.
Like a rapist, you came inside me and stole my soul.
You raped me... no, not sexually.
But like a victim of rape, I will never be the same.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why Twitter Has Failed Me

Twitter makes me angry sometimes you know why? It's because you start out with an agenda that you will follow interesting people who have interesting things to say, and over time those interesting people become less interesting with even more less interesting things to say. Then you get caught in the "I like this Tweeter, but what they retweet is just, UGH!" Trust I know, that is the very bind I find myself in right now.

I like to think of myself as a kind, sweet, and tolerant person, but Twitter has me walking on a fine line of "Bitch Get Off My TL (time line) With Your Spamming and Nonsense", and "What an Intellectual Tweet that was."

So here we are with a list of Twitter rules I feel every fellow Tweeter should follow. 

1. If the Tweet was sent out over 24 hours ago DO NOT Retweet it!

2. Spamming is a no no and you will go go right off of my following list.

3. I don't care about who is following you, if I did, I would be stalking your followers list.

4. Follow Friday's have gotten out of hand. I am grateful that you like my Tweets however, spamming my TL with a giant generated list of #FF shout outs will get you an automatic pass to Unfollow Me Friday hell.

5. If someone takes the time out to Tweet you (and you're not a celebrity) due at least acknowledge them. Stating that you don''t have the time to answer back makes you look like an ass because if you didn't have the time then you wouldn't be tweeting in the first place.


7. Since I've checked Twitter was a place of free speech so if you don't like what someone has to say, hit UNFOLLOW.

8. This is not a dating service. If you need help in that department call Oprah, or visit

9. Follow for Follow? Fuck no! The end!

10. STOP FOR THE LOVE OF POTTER spamming celebrity Twitter accounts with I love you's, can you please follow me, say hi to me, I will die if you don't..., please look at this. It's pathetic people. really.

11. Don't get offended when someone decides not to follow you. Their follows should not be imperative to your everyday life. If you're that desperate... well I have no words for you.

12. Twitter is not intended for extended conversations. If you have something to say that's more than the allotted 140 character limit, send it in an email. 


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When I Grow Up I Want To Be...

Often I wonder where I would I be had I pursued my childhood dreams. I remember being a little girl and going through that phase of wanting to be a ballerina, doctor, queen, and actress, but not one of them stuck with me like being a paleontologist did. I remember struggling with wanting to be both The Little Mermaid and a famous digger upper of dinosaur bones.

I guess all fingers could be ppointed at the movie The Land Before Time (1988). I was about 4 years old when that movie came out and all I can remember was being so in love with Sara the triceratops, and Ducky. Of course at that age, I fell in love with a lot of things (see 1989 when I went through my Little Mermaid Phase and) and so I was a bit sketchy on who/what I wanted to be in life.

Me at the age of 4 (glasses and bone not included)

 22 years have passed since then and I still find myself thinking about my old aspirations. What if I would've taken that road of paleontology? Would I be happier in life? Would I feel much more fulfilled? Can I really bring my BIGGEST childhood dream to fruition? What I'm afraid of most is that I may never get the answer to those questions. That inner Mary Leakey in me keeps piping up whenever I make a decision about my career goals, and it makes me question a lot of things in my life.

There seems to be no room for the what ifs in the land of adulthood when it comes to those types of decisions. Have many of you put your childhood dreams on the back burner or hidden deep within a closet because reality has a totally different plan for you? I try to carry out as many of my dreams as I possibly can, but I can say that I envy those that are able to pursue whatever it is their hearts desire.

Now, I don't have kids or a husband waiting at home for me nor do I have some amazing career that I am scared to walk away from, so I know what is truly holding me back, is my enemy by the name of failure. I struggle with being afraid of failing, not just anyone, but myself. Failing to do what it is that I set out to do has been my enemy all of my life. My head is all "do what you know will work", and my heart is all "but you will never know unless you try." BLAH!

What I want is to just jump with a leap of faith and see where it takes me, but alas life, dear sweet life has not afforded me with a heart and head that agrees with each other and so I am left in the middle. I straddle on the fence of realistic and unrealistic ideas and it about drives me coo coo bananas.

And so my point of this post is this, whether or not your ideas, dreams, goals from your childhood seemed attainable don't talk or think yourself out of it, go for it!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Building Your Bridge In 2011 So YOU Can Get Over It

Greetings, and Happy New Year to all of you. I made a promise to myself last year (which was literally last week) that I would blog more, or at least, attempt to blog more. So here I am bringing you ways to get over the petty things in life.

1. It is not yours unless you are the original inventor, so BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT if someone else decides to use the same idea.

2. Just because you're on YouTube, have x amount of followers on Twitter, or a shit ton of people have liked your stupid page on Facebook does NOT make you a celebrity, so BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT.

3.  Life is not fair, so BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT if you're at home damning the rest of the world because life has dealt you crappy hand.

4. It's a TV show, so BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT if your favorite character gets paired with another character that you are currently having a fantasy quarrel with.

5. You might call it being nice, but I call it kissing ass, so BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT if you're trying to seek extra attention from a celebrity and they don't reply to you.

6. Celebrities are real people first, so BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT if he/she has a love life. Go to sleep and dream about it, but NEVER insult the loved ones of your favorite celeb.

7. It's not me, it's you... no, really it is you, so BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT.

8. If he/she wanted to include you, then you would be included, so BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT if you're feeling left out. Go take a nap, you'll be better for it.

9. Somewhere over the rainbow there's a pot of gold, so BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT because you will never find it.

10. Your fave show is on hiatus, so BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT I don't need to hear or read about it every single day. If you're life is at a standstill because you're fave show is on a break here's an idea, get a life!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dear Future Husband

Dear future husband,

We haven't met yet, but I know you're out there. The perfect somebody for me. If you are reading this, then you have taken my heart for what I hope will be forever. I know that sometimes that our relationship will be hard, and you might want to give up on me, but don't. Don't mistake my lack of wanting to display my affection for you publicly as a sign that I don't love you because I do, I'm just not that kind of girl, but you would know that. When I ask to be left alone that BEST thing for you is to leave me alone. It's not because I don't love you, I just like to be alone sometimes so please understand that. I love that you like to stay up with me all night and just stare at the stars and contemplate alien invasions, or why we haven't gotten our hands on a flying car like in the Jetson's cartoon.

Thank you for not thinking that I'm weird because I hide from lightning. Thank you for being honest with me even if it will hurt me. Thank you for watching Pretty In Pink with me for the 100th time. Thank you for abandoning the adult and being a kid with me sometimes. Thank you for the beautiful children we will have. Thank you for thinking I'm even more beautiful without all of my makeup. Thank you for getting lost with me because we're both too stubborn to ask for directions. Thank you for putting the seat down so that I won't fall in when its my turn. Thank you for ordering that pizza over the phone because I hate ordering over the phone. Thank you for asking me what's on my mind even when I won't admit that I have something on my mind. Thank you for not leaving when we argue. Thank you for not going to bed angry.

Thank you for taking out the garbage, and killing that spider. Thank you for the million laughs and smiles you put on my face. Thank you for being there to wipe my tears away. Thank you for letting me know that there is nothing to fear. Thank you for reassuring me whenever I need reassuring. Thank you for being that shoulder. Thank you for taking care of me when I'm ill. Thank you for laughing when I stuff tissues up my nose because I get sick and tired of wiping it. Thank you for the cards, kisses, and hugs. Thank you for coming to get me when my car won't start. Thank you for helping provide. Thank you for dreaming, believing, and seeing. Thank you for all of your funny and not so funny jokes. Thank you for having a sense of humor. Thank you for protecting. Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for growing old with me.

Most of all, thank you for being the most wonderful and amazing husband that I could ever ask for.

PS. I'm sure I will be back to add more over the years. <3